Izaya BekemeierEdit


Izaya Bekemeier Getting Ready To Face off Against Lucy.


Personal Information
Name Izaya Ray Bekemeier
Weight 171lbs
Height 6'4
Race Human (White)
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Date of Birth 05-31-29,071BC (1015yrs)
Birth Place Arteria
Gender Male

Affiliation The Nine Nobel Clans; Bekemeier
Active Deceased
Relationship Married to Houki Rinne
Family Fukui; Mother, Dan; Father, Houki; Wife, Mesai; Son
Good or Evil Good

Strength 300
Endurance 225
Dexterity 900
Intellegence 750
Spirit 1500
Damage 3,000-6400
Defense 900
Aim 1200
Evasion 1100
Universal Energy Attack 30,000-45,000
Universal Energy Defense 12,000-23,000
Speed 1400

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